Closure of Beckenham baby clinic

Following concerns raised with us by local mothers about closure of the Beckenham Beacon baby clinic, we have contacted Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust and they have given us the following statement.

Message from Oxleas:

Oxleas have started to provide the 0 to 4 Health Visiting service from Monday 2nd October. Our new service will offer Health Advice sessions with health visitors or nursery nurses in Children and Family centres across Bromley.

Unfortunately the rooms within Beckenham Beacon previously used for baby clinics are not available to Oxleas and we are searching for a new venue for this service.

In the meantime we are working with Bromley Children’s Project to find increased spaces within Children and Family Centres to provide baby clinics and where possible we have lengthened the session times in our current venues and are providing additional staff at these session times.

Families may attend any baby clinic within the borough for advice and support. If you need to speak to your health visitor you can contact her through our new single point of contact on 020 8836 8621

If anyone would like to suggest a suitable venue in Beckenham, please comment below. Oxleas have told us that it would ideally need to be about 20 feet square, have access for double buggies, somewhere to keep buggies out of the rain, a sink and toilets and a hygienic environment.

Please feel free to make any other suggestions or comments below.

Further information about the service provided by Oxleas including the timetable of baby clinics