How to feed back on your maternity experience in Bromley

Your feedback, whether positive or negative or a bit of both, can help service providers to understand what’s working and what needs to improve. Having specific examples can help staff to demonstrate where changes are needed. Giving details of the individuals or services your comments relate to and when any events took place may help any concerns to be addressed. Sometimes a service provider may wish to contact you for more information, so if you’re happy to be contacted then do say so and give your contact details.

There are a number of ways you can feed back on your experience of maternity care in Bromley. These include:

Talk to the person providing your care

If you can feed back straight away to the person providing your care, then they may be able to resolve any issues straight away.

Email senior midwives at the PRUH

You can email to request a debrief of your experience or to raise concerns or ask questions about the care you received. Emails sent to this address go directly to the senior midwives at the PRUH.

King’s “How Are We Doing?” online survey

The Princess Royal University Hospital (the PRUH) is part of King’s NHS Foundation Trust (KCH). This form can be used to feed back on any KCH service, including the PRUH and community midwives in Bromley.

Care Opinion

This is a national web site where you can leave feedback and receive a response from your health or social care service provider

Healthwatch Bromley

On this site, you can give feedback about health services in Bromley.

Make a formal complaint

You may decide to contact the relevant organisation and ask to make a formal complaint. For care provided by King’s NHS Foundation Trust, including maternity care at the PRUH or from community midwives in Bromley, you can call King’s Complaints Department on 020 3299 3209; complete this online form; or email

Care Quality Commission

The Care Quality Commission is interested in hearing about good and bad experiences of care in the NHS. You can send them a copy of any feedback you send to your service provider and you can also feed back to them separately if you wish:

Tell us!

We at Bromley Maternity Voices would also be interested to see a copy of any feedback, to help us identify any themes arising or potential action we can take. You can email us on

If you’d like to talk informally about your experience with other mothers, you may like to attend one of our coffee mornings. See our events page for upcoming dates.